Rabbits or Foxes Control

Are you having problems with Rabbit’s or Foxes. Both are living, not only in the country but also in urban area’s. This has brought a new set of problems to the residence of urban area and to business’s. If you are looking for a rabbit or foxes control company, verminator may be able help you.

Who you are Hiring 

When you hire Robert, let us assure you, you are hiring one of the best. Robert is proudly a world champion team member, representing Ireland, who went on and won the Silver Medal at Clay Pidgeon Shooting in South Africa in 2015

Rabbit Control

Rabbits eat flowers, trees or stems off plants. They can damage farmers’ crops, dig holes in golf courses, football and training pitches. Have have also been know to burrow into graves. Verminator have exsperiance in rabbit control and would be happy to discuss any problem you may have.  Our control methods include shooting, trapping, repellents, habitat modification and exclusion.

Fox Control

Farmers may have problems with foxes on their land, they can be attracted when lambing is happening to consume the afterbirth of ewes and they could acquire the taste for young animals.  It is well know that foxes are very prone to the taste of Poultry and will go to great lengths to consume a nice chicken. This problem has now come into our town’s and cities where foxes can resort to scavenging through bins. They are also prone to setting off alarms in workplaces.

Fox control also has to be implemented to protect wildlife especially ground birds and their egg’s.

Verminator has done fox control throughout Ireland with great results.

We will live trap foxs as part of our fox control if it is specified.

Each wildlife or feral solution is unique and requires an on-site survey; contact us if you have a health and safety, vermin, wildlife, pest, sanitisation, feral pigeon, squirrel or cat problem that we can resolve for you.

In the news…

Woman attacked by fox in Dublin. Click on the image below to listen to her story.